What is the Facebook ads Character Limit | Facebook ads Character Limit

Facebook ads Character Limit

Facebook ads! What are they? You might have definitely seen ads in the Facebook. It might have been there as Newsfeed or in the top- right corner of the desktop.

Facebook ads Character Limit: (45- 90 characters)

Do you know how munificent Facebook is?  You can share status up to 63206 characters long.

Never more than this to keep your readers trapped! Make your post with 45 characters and exceed up to 90 characters. Worldwide researches tell that the engagement of readers that you get is more than 80 percent for this ultimate length. Facebook ads Character Limit

Facebook ads Character Limit
Facebook ads Character Limit

The competition is rather high when you post something in Facebook. How does this competition arise? There are millions and millions of posts uploaded and updated every minute. The attention that you can gain from the audience is very limited. But this doesn’t mean that your ad or post has to be short. A short post may be overlooked at times. Thus, knowing and standing by the Ultimate length makes it more worthy to be looked into.

On the whole, your sweet spot is 45 – 90 characters.

We can tell that this protocol 45 – 90 characters can be called as short to make a post. Generally the short posts gains attention and the longer ones are overlooked as the user’s feed cannot show the full post and the readers are forced to click on  “Continue reading” to get to know the full post.

Adspresso decided to scrutinize 37000 ads to find the trends followed. Obviously following the sweet spot, all brands went with short ads. It was just like the following,

  • Ultimate Length of Facebook ad headline – 5 characters
  • Ultimate Length of Facebook ad link descriptions – 18 characters
  • Ultimate Length of Facebook ad body texts – 14 characters

There are billions using Facebook across the globe. Facebook revolutionized the world with its arrival. Let us see what all can be done with facebook. I have listed it out as under. Facebook ads Character Limit

You can get friends:

   Facebook offers three options for you to get friends,

  • Search tab – You can enter your friend’s name and search for he /she in the given long list.
  • People you may know – FaceBook itself gives a recommendation list to you those are appropriate by various filtering.
  • Facebook friend Finder – It allows you to scan the email address of many, look for the matches and find your friend.

You can text to your friends:

  • You can share your thoughts through texts and photos and videos.

Creates the line of memories:

  • The texts, photos, and videos you post, form a timeline and creates memories for the years to come.

Events and Groups:

  • Events and Groups seem so special and even revolutionary in the modern days. It is used for a normal purpose like a get-together and even a great protest across the country and even the world. Facebook ads Character Limit

A great business Platform:

Facebook serves as a business platform.

  • You can create ads.
  • You can market your product through it.
  • You can share pictures of the product.
  • You can also upload a video which can serve as a demo for the end- consumers.

As mentioned earlier, you can reach out to billions of people. The exact count of Facebook users all over the world is Two Billion. What a count? The clever idea is to have your ads here. You have a great extent of help from the Facebook itself.

  • It shows you how to create your ad
  • It also shows how to follow up.

To be clear, it shows how many saw your ad

  • How many are interested in your ad
  • How many are willing to purchase and even more.

 Usage of the internet is very easy. With very few instructions and instant response will make your work very simple. Yet there are some nuances to be followed. There is a very confusing aspect called Character Limit.

Do you know what a Character Limit is?

Let us break down this question even more. What is a character? A character is any letter, space, number, mark, punctuation or symbol that can be typed on a computer.

Online Character Count – charcounto.org

 So what now a character limit is?

The choice of optimum characters for the best ad can be called as character limit in this context.

Let us now examine the ultimate character limit that is needed for a Facebook advertisement.

  • Text: 90 characters.
  • Headline: 45 characters.
  • Description: 30 characters.
  • Image size: 1,200 x 628 pixels.
  • Image ratio: 1.9:1.
  • Video format: .MOV or .MP4 file types.
  • Video aspect ratio: 16:9 or 1:1.
  • Duration of the video: 45 minutes is being allowed.

However, shorter the video, better the results are. That would be 15 to 30 seconds.

The above is regarded as the protocol for an ultimate Facebook advertisement. However, you should also know that these are ever- fluctuating and be changed then and there by Facebook.

Ads on Facebook seems to be profitable. Yet, the Cost per click is comparatively low.

Making within 90 characters is really challenging. Yet there are ways. You can set in all that you want to be in your advertisement. You can promote the following:

  • You can share an image as a Facebook post.
  • You can advertise a FaceBook page.
  • You can promote an External URL.

As mentioned above, the limit for the Headline character is 45 characters. Yet, in reports, having 25 characters in the headline makes your ad valuable.

Before creating a business ad, you should have the following your mind.

  • What is my Business goal? (Objective)
  • Whom do you want to reach? (Audience)
  • What is the budget for your Advertisement? (Cost)
  • What are the photos and videos that you need to upload? (Promoting tools)

The above is very much necessary for your ad to be successful. Yet another important feature to be there in your ad is the format. There are many types in the format. It can be a

  • Single image
  • Single Video
  • Multiple images
  • Multiple videos
  • It can be a slideshow
  • Canvas ad

Do you know what canvas ads are? They are full-screen ads on mobiles.

 Benefits of following the Character Limit for a Facebook ad:

  • It is eye- catchy.
  • Your reader will make up his mind to read it.
  • It allows you to focus on the idea very constructively.
  • You should always remember that Brevity is the soul of wit.
  • It allows people to remember the keywords.

Now you have got to know the optimum word limit in creating a Facebook advertisement. With no delay, do your ad and make it Facebook.

Facebook ads Character Limit

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