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Online Character Count Tool | Letter Count Tool Online | Character Count Tool Online  , Jotting down those perfect tweets consumes a commendable amount of time. Adding plenty of hashtags those are trending and helps you stand out among a number of other brands is quite simple as it seems. Your Facebook Ad headline needs a crispy, flawless content that helps you gain the deserved audience and leads. Even a perfect WhatsApp notification or business post will lead you o the path of your deserved audience. But above all this, there is an undeniable thing about words. The word count, to be precise. The quality and efficiency of your posts do matter. But above all, it is important to note the number of words and characters you have put up on the article.

Yes, Quantity takes over Quality.

Each and every social media is different. You just cannot copy+paste the same content, by tweaking it here and there on every medium. Each social media has its own character set, which we are going to discuss in detail here.

What makes character count plausible?

Social media marketers or digital marketing analysts get stuck up on this point almost every single day of their office hours. Social media character limits is prone to changes and inconstant. It keeps changing each and every day. It can be hard when you have to know the right number and upload the right post. The process is a bit crucial. Knowing the exact amount of words which you have to post can be helpful and invaluable to those budding social media enthusiasts. It will also help you reach the right audience in masses and connect with them accordingly.

As we have pointed out, each and every social media is different. It is unlikely to compare and contrast the same. It is not the same post on Instagram which can create an impact on Facebook.

Online Character Count Tool

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Character Count Tool

Post matters. And the character count definitely matters.

Lets see the appropriate character count for different social media platforms. Here are the following platforms, which we are going to discuss in detail.

  1. Facebook-The king of social media posts
  2. Twitter-The short tweets that chirps
  3. Instagram- The images that speaks millions
  4. Pinterest- The pins and boards we refer
  5. LinkedIn- The hub for professionals and aspiring minds
  6. YouTube- The video platform that is matchless
  7. E-Mail- the widely accepted format of communication
  8. Blogs- the ultimate platform for writers
  9. Keywords- Search made simple
  10. Snapchat- Snaps that creates an impact

Let’s zoom in on Facebook 

Online Character Count Tool 

Facebook is quiet competitive. To be frank, it is like grabbing the bull by its horn, if you are looking to meet the right audience through Facebook. As if this is not enough, the attention you get from your audience is quiet limited. The organic reach that facebook used to garner for brands has also dipped down.

So, to alert your audiences, brands have to put in those extra efforts to stand far way from the crowd, and near the reach of audiences. The best way is to use the exact character amount needed to attract the potential audiences. Too short? Nay, you are under the risk of fading out. Too long? Again Nay, your post might reach the specific Facebook character limit.

What is the length of ideal, exact and appropriate Facebook status update?

Facebook Update:-

According to research, longer Facebook posts are more likely to under perform compared to shorter Facebook status.

The Facebook update character count should be 40 characters-80 characters

Statistics shows the following:-

Facebook posts with less than 40% to 80% will perform well in contrast with those exceeding this limit with a user engagement of 88%.

The technique is to keep the posts short and sweet, that will reach the audience effectively.

Online Character Count Tool

Online Letter Count

Character Count Tool Online

Facebook Ad headline Character Counts

The Exact length of Facebook Ad Headline is 5 words.

Adspresso found that the Ads with less than 5 words are gaining much user attraction, after examining researching with nearly 37,000 Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ad Body Text

It’s enough to have over 14 words in a number of character counts. This works for most of the brands.

Facebook Ads Link:-

Note it, it must be around 18 words.

The description just needs to be long enough.


Facebook Character Count

Here is the maximum character counts for all the Facebook posts

Facebook post : The total character count is 63,206

Facebook username:The maximum character count is 50 characters

Facebook Page Description-The maximum character count is 155 characters

Facebook comments-The Total character count is 8000 characters.

Online Word Count Tool 

Facebook also suggested the number of characters for Facebook Ads. This number can vary but the text might not fit in all the screens and devices.

Facebook link and video ads- Recommended Character Count

Text form:- The recommended character count is exactly or around 90

Headline form:- The recommended character count is more or less 25

Link description:- The recommended character count is 30


Image Ads Character Counts

Text form:- The recommended number of character count is 90

Headline form:- The recommended, exact character count is 40

Link description:- The recommended character count is 20


Canvas Ads  Character Counts

Text form:- The recommended character count is 500

Button text form:- The recommended character count is 30


Facebook Lead Generation Ads

Context card- headline:- The recommended character count is 45

Benefits of text form:- The recommended, perfect character count is 5 bullets, each with 80 character count

Privacy Policy :- The recommended character count is around 100

Custom disclaimer: The recommended character count is 60

Twitter Character Limits and Character Counts that speaks

Twitter once had a character limit of 140 character count. It was what made Twitter unique and apart from cliches. Anyways, in 2017, 280 characters was the maximum limit.

Let’s have a look around the character count that is apt for twitter

Maximum twitter character count: 280

Maximum twitter DMs: 10k

Maximum Twitter Handle: 15

Twitter profile name: 20

Twitter has recently made changes to this which makes you feel more at home.

DM Deep Links has nothing to do with your character count

Images does not come under the character count limit.


Instagram- Character Count and Character Limits

Instagram has taken over the young minds and business people with its innovative strategy and ideas. Instagram not only supports uploading and sharing of your images but also your business. It can be used a great business platform too.

The maximum character limit for a instagram caption character is 2200 characters.

The maximum character count for an Instagram hashtag is 30.

For Instagram, the best character count limit would be around 138-150 characters.

The Bio can have a maximum character limit of 150 character count.

Instagram Ads caption can have a character count of 125 characters. This is the ideal and best-fit length too.

For captions, the ideal character length should be less than 25 words.

We knew that Instagram is the first ever platform, that allows you to share photos and videos at a stretch. It’s major focus is on the visual content rather than text.

For Instagram, the ideal number of characters is 24

The ideal length of Instagram caution is around 5-10.

In case of Instagram captions, the maximum recommended character limit is below 125 characters.

Since Instagram does not focus much on character count, it is advised for you to ace up your visual skills to carve a niche among your insta audiences!

The most important thing is, if you use beyond 10 hashtags, there is a drop in the user engagement. This means it is not advisable to dump all those trending hashtags in a single post. No, it’s strictly forbidden.


Snapchat-the character count and character limits boundary

Snapchat, like Instagram, gives preference to visual content rather than textual content. It’s uniqueness lies in the disappearing images after a specific period of time.

In a report provided teen vogue, the character limit of Snapchat is 80 for a post. Previously, it was 31 character limit per post.

Since Snapchat mainly concentrates on images, it does not give ample attention to contents. Hence the content space is limited in Snapchat.

So, talking about Snapchat,

Total character limit:- 80 for a single post

Online Character Count Tool | Letter Count | Character Count Tool

YouTube-The character count and limitations we need to deal with!

YouTube is not only a social media platform. It is the best place for expressing your views independently and acted as the career changer for many well-known celebrities like Mithila palkar. We knew that Youtube is mainly a video platform. But it puts up limitations to its contents too.

I we check on YouTube, it too has its own limits, when it comes to character count. It is obvious since the center of focus on YouTube is videos, rather than content. The video title has to be around 70 characters; the description section has to be around 5000 characters. The playlist titles must be around 60 characters. And finally, but most importantly, the YouTube tags must be 30 characters for a single tag. The total character limit is 500.

 LinkedIn-Character Count and Character Limits that matters!

LinkedIn is an important platform for business professionals to connect. Therefore, it acts as the hub for them. Hence, words play a great role in understanding each others perspective. The maximum character lengths of LinkedIn can be given as follows:-

  • The Company update side should have a maximum word count of 700 characters.
  • The company name can have a character count of 100 characters
  • The About us Summary page allows you to type up to 2000 characters.
  • The Page name must be around 50 characters.
  • The Headline of Company leaders can be around 150 characters.
  • The Employee testimonials can be around a length of 400 characters
  • The custom module title must be 150 characters.
  • Custom module body can be within a length of 500 characters.
  • The custom module URL label has a maximum length of 70 characters.
  • The first name can be within a spectrum of 20 characters.
  • The last name could be within 40 character limit.
  • The recommendation must contain a total of 3000 characters.
  • The LinkedIn publishing post headline must be around 150 characters.
  • The LinkedIn publishing content length must have a maximum of 120,000 characters.

 Pinterest Character Counts and Character Limits that signifies your pins and boards

For Pinterest, the first thing that would come to your mind is the pins and boards. But Pinterest does not limit itself to only pins and boards. The information that is shared via this platform is amazing and interesting to the core. The limitation applies to the text side, also the number of pins and boards.

  • The maximum limit for the Pinterest boards is 500.
  • The maximum amount of pins is 200,000 which includes Secret pins. It also includes the Pins on group board which is not created.
  • The Pinterest profile name must be a maximum of 15 characters.
  • The board name should be around 100 characters.
  • The Pinterest board description must have around 500 characters.
  • The pin description has a limit of 500 characters.

Your profile name, which is longer than 20 character count will be reduced through an ellipsis. When your board name can have a limit of 100 characters, more than 17 characters will not be visible to us.

Online Character Count Tool

Online Letter Count

Character Count Tool

WhatsApp Character Count and Character limit that counts

WhatsApp does not need an introduction. It can be used as a messaging platform as well as business platform. But still, there is a certain limitation for WhatsApp text too. And we are not kidding. The number of maximum character count for WhatsApp will leave you in shock.

WhatsApp supports a total character count of 65,536.

Interestingly, this number counts to 2^16.

As of WhatsApp business texts, there is not a well proven or clear strategy as to which one is successful. But it is important to focus on the context and send the message that is clean, clear and perfectly speaking what is needed to be spoken.

SMS-Character Counts and Character Limits that is needed

SMS used to be the only social media platform a decade ago. But still, it has not lost its charm. There are several businesses still relying on sending SMS to their clients to market their products. It is effective since it’s available in offline mode too.

Of course, the SMS you can send also has a maximum text length of 918 characters. But the bad news is when you send the message, the characters will be broken into 153, before it is sent to the recipient. In case there are any network issues, the message that is sent to the recipient can be delayed over time.

E-Mail-the pitching character count and character limits

For E-Mail, there is a certain specification.

E-Mails are mainly used for business communications. It is the most widely accepted, professional form of communication media. When it comes to E-Mail, the boy of the text has to be precise and direct. An E-Mail is not like a letter, which you can use to pour out all your feelings. It must rather be concise and neat.

  • An E-Mail address must not exceed the limit of 256 characters.
  • Both the user name and password must be around 64 characters.
  • An E-Mail subject line is expected to be around 61 to 70. To round it off to the exact length, it can be 65 characters.

From the limitations set up on E-Mail, it is clear that the E-Mail should be simple and out-spoken, rather than indirectly. A clear subject with a great context is enough to create a great impression among your business peers.


Goole keywords helps you reach the right audience with its multi features and ability. With Google keywords, the right audience or lead lands up in your official circle.

The maximum length of keywords is 160. Keywords are preferred to be short and precise. The preferred character cont of keywords is 5 to 6. The keywords must not exceed the limit. Otherwise, SEO becomes a rather crucial subject to deal with.

The blogs-maximum length and character count that stands apart

Blogs have always been the most favorite platform for writers, including me. Blog posts can capture the emotions of a writer and present it as it is to the reader. Blog posts are meant to communicate complicated terms with a personal tone and feel. Hence word count and character count lays a great part in creating an impact among readers.

Nowadays, the blog post is calculated in terms of minutes read. It is categorized based on the average time taken to read the blog post.

The ideal length, which a blog post can occupy must be around 1600 words to 2100 words. It is not advisable to exceed or decrease this particular limit. However, a blog’s main objective is to engage the user. As long as it is creative and attracting large users, the length should not be an issue. And yes, a Blog must not let its readers loose.

How to know the exact word count and character count? Bingo, there is Microsoft word or WPS to manage. But, one second. Could you remember the maximum character limit or preferred character count for whichever social media pages you use? It’s almost impossible. Henceforth, a word count and a character count tool will handy in such cases. Simply type or copy+paste the content on the page. You will get the maximum content that is necessary for each and every platform. You will also be alerted if you exceed the limit. Sounds great, right?

Use the smart online character and word count tool to know the exact character count and maximum character limits that are required for every post Never muddle with the posts anymore. Just post it after checking it on our tool.





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