LinkedIn ad Character Limit

 LinkedIn ad Character Limit

LinkedIn is associated with Business. LinkedIn is associated with Employment. LinkedIn is associated with Career Building. LinkedIn unlike many it is a Professional social media.   LinkedIn is exclusively for the people who want to have a professional network. It builds the reputation of your work done. Companies pool in there for pulling out the talents needed.

To be even simpler, it your digital resume. And you will be updating it now and then about your courses completed, your achievements in the respective field, etc. You can find talents as well as be found by others as the talent required. Little History: LinkedIn was introduced in 2002 and was launched in 2003. It is available in 24 languages. It has more than 100 million active members. In the year 2016 LinkedIn was acquired by Microsoft.

What can all be done with LinkedIn? You can create your curriculum vitae. You can create Professional relationships. You can invite or be invited to be in professional connection with another user.

The lot of “I don’t know or spam” selected by the invitees will lead the account to be closed. There is a very high possibility for you to find jobs and even business opportunities. It is useful not only to the Jobseekers but also to the Job- providers.You can update news and photos. You can like and comment on each other’s updates. You can follow the people you want. And finally, advertisements can be published.

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Advertising is a form of Communication. It aims to provide information through any media. It endeavors to provide exact information to the end users. Any communication tool has to be used with the care that the target audience never skip them but read it. Being a professional set- up, it allows reaching your targeted audience. For that, you have to know the character limit and the size of the image to be used.

Let us look into the general advantages of Advertising: It introduces you and your product to the market. It expands your market. Increase sales. Educate and create awareness among the Customers. Retain the customers. It makes the supply chain and logistics strong. Reduce other media of marketing. (Depends on your product) Better Employment.

Do you know what a Character Limit is? Let us break down this question even more. What is a character? A character is any letter, space, number, mark, punctuation or symbol that can be typed on a computer. So what now a character limit is?  The choice of optimum characters for the best ad can be called as character limit in this context. The Ultimate character limit for LinkedIn Ads: The limit is  25 characters – Headline; 75 characters – Content Body; 100x 100 pixels Images; 5 MB of Image; JPEG, GIF, and PNG

Let us see the different kinds of ads that are there within the LinkedIn. They are listed as follows, Text Ads, Display Ads, Dynamic Ads

Text Ads: It is available in a number of sizes. You usually find them in the top- right corner of the desktop. The size of the image is 50 pixels by 50 pixels. The headline and the character limit are 25 and 75 characters respectively.

Display ads:These are the video ads. You find these also in the right side.

Image size: 300 pixels by 250 pixels File Type: HTML5 – must be the third party served GIF, JPG, PNG, Image size: 500 KB, Animation limit: 15 seconds or 30 seconds.

Dynamic ads: These are really cool. They use the names of their target audience to communicate with. It personalizes the advertisement by using the LinkedIn member information for this. You have two types of ads under the Dynamic Ads.

They are, Follow company ads, Spotlight Ads


We’ll see what a Follow company ad is?Follow company ads increases the count of the number of followers to your company’s page. This ad will have a tab named “FOLLOW”.

Image size: 100 pixels by 100 pixels/ Company name: Maximum 25 characters including spaces./ Choose a tab: Follow

So now what is a Spotlight ad? A spotlight ad is something that which leads to the advertisement that where you can see in detail. This ad will also have a tab named as “LEARN MORE”.

Image size: 100 pixels by 100 pixels/ Company name: Maximum 25 characters including spaces./Choose a tab: Learn More

LinkedIn Sponsored Content: This content makes way for you to share your advertisement with LinkedIn members. This advertisement not only reaches your followers but everybody whom you wish to.

It appears on users’ feed.  The advertisement that appears on the users’ feed is called as Native Advertising. You could have found these types of advertising on Facebook as well. It is very easy to be done by any user. Usually, this Sponsored content will have a tab that calls people for action.

LinkedIn Sponsored In the mail: LinkedIn Sponsored In mail is a private messaging system. The messages you send directly reach the Inbox of the targeted audience.This is really cool because the people may click on the “Learn more” tab or the “Follow tab”. It is never sure. It is lowly possible that a user neglecting his mail in the inbox. This is a great advantage.A personal mail as its own advantage. It encourages queries and makes feel the user more special.

Other forms of Advertising in LinkedIn:They are called the Campaign Advertising: The first is the standard Sponsored Content campaign. You want to advertise a piece of content, so that people other than followers of your Company Page, get to see the content.

Direct Sponsored Content campaign:This is where you can sponsor a piece of content that is not available on your Company Page. When it comes to career and network it is always LinkedIn. Build your Career Network to spot the dream job.

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