Character Count Limit for all Social Media Platforms

Character Count Limit for all Social Media Platforms

Want to tweet? Want to Hashtag? You can do it with all your desires! But are you sure if people will be interested to read the entire post or tweet or sms or pin interest or LinkedIn or YouTube? To be a readable writer, the so called Market Analysis or Client Analysis is damn important. Isn’t?

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What are social media?

This phrase is a lot in search engine.

Social media incorporates the online technologies and methods through which people can share

  • Content,
  • personal opinions,
  • exchange different perspectives,
  • insights of the world issues
  • Discuss the evolution of media itself.


Contents are shared as texts, images, audios and videos.

  • Character and word count :

Character and word count instantly gives the count of the given text.

  • To help all the budding readable writers, here it is the Ultimate Length for all the Social Medias though there is constant change.

Will that not be great if you get the perfect character limit for each social media? Here you go!


Face book: (45- 90 characters)

Do you know how munificent is Facebook?  You can share status up to 63206 characters long.

Never more than this to keep your readers trapped!

Make your post with 45 characters and exceed up to 90 characters. World-wide researches tell that the engagement of readers that you get is more than 80 percent for this ultimate length.

The competition is rather high when you post something in Face book. How does this competition arise? There are millions and millions of posts uploaded and updated every minute. As simple as that. The attention that you can gain from the audience is very limited. But this doesn’t mean that your ad or post has to be short. A short post may be overlooked at times. Thus, knowing and standing by the Ultimate length makes it more worthy too be looked into.

On the whole, your sweet spot is 45 – 90 characters.

We can tell that this protocol 45 – 90 characters can be called as short to make a post. Generally the short posts gains attention and the longer ones are overlooked as the user’s feed cannot show the full post and the readers are forced to click on

“Continue reading” to get to know the full post.

As per Qwaya,

  • Title – (25 characters)
  • Text – (90 characters)
  • Image aspect ratio – (1.39:1)
  • Image specs in a- (100x 72 px)
  • Domain Link – I line
  • Date and time – one line under image
  • Facebook wall post – 5000 characters but reduction of visibility starts at 477 characters.

Adspresso decided to scrutinize 37000 ads to find the trends followed. Obviously following the sweet spot, all brands went with short ads. It was just like the following,

  • Ultimate Length of Face book ad headline – 5 characters
  • Ultimate Length of Face book ad link descriptions – 18 characters
  • Ultimate Length of Face book ad body texts – 14 characters

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Instagram (60-120 characters)

Instagram will make you happy every time friend! The maximum limit is 2200 characters. The micro seconds that you have to capture the audience attention will force you be concise in your characters.

Following the sweet spot of Instagram will instantly make your client engagement rate (ER) increased to 17 percent as per data of Buddy Media and Votigo.

You can find your audience ER by yourself. Check this out!!

                ER = (Engagement/Followers) x 100%

(Engagement is anything a user likes or comments one of your posts.)

Ultimates on Length in Instagram:

  • Ultimate Length of Instagram captions (120 – 140 characters)
  • Ultimate Length of Instagram ad captions (110 characters)
  • Ultimate Length of Hash tags for Instagram captions (4- 10 characters)



Never ever forget to be precise with your tweets. It is true that all the tweets can never be of the so called Ultimate Length but making it precise is remarkably worthy.

  • The maximum Twitter length is 280 characters.
  • The Profile name length is 20 characters.

The 280 characters limit created lots controversies. To help users, certain rules were relaxed. They are as under,

  • The beginning of the reply will not come under 280 characters.
  • Images don’t count towards 280 characters.

LinkedIn (50 -100 characters)

LinkedIn is not as visual as other social media platforms. Every status in this platform will lead you to an article through a link. Yet the characters under 100 are always acclaimed.


Maximum Character count:

Company update   – 700 characters

Company name     – 100 characters

Summary              – 2000 characters

Page name            – 50 characters

Module Title         – 150 characters

Module body        – 500 characters

First name             – 20 characters

Last name             – 40 characters

Post Headline        – 150 characters

Content Length     – 1, 20,000 characters

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Is there a really limit in Pinterest? Yes, you have. But that never seems to be a limit. It is huge. Below is given the maximum number of character limits.

No of Pinterest boards    –        500

No of pins                          –        2,00,000

Profile name                     –        20

Pinterst Bio                      –        160

Username                        –        15

Board name                    –        100

Board description         –        500

Pin Description             –        500

Something to be noted here is, you can have your profile name with characters more than 20 but that would be abbreviated and an ellipsis would be shown. Yes! They are friendly enough. Aren’t they?


YouTube: (70 -100)

YouTube has character limits. Isn’t that weird?

  • Video Title – 70 characters
  • Video Description – 5000 characters
  • Playlist Title – 60 characters
  • YouTube tags – 30 characters per tag, 500 characters total.

Though You Tube mainly talks on videos, you should not forget it is a search engine. Your text has to be attention grabbing so that people click on it. Anything above 70 will be abbreviated and ellipsis will be shown.


Google Plus: (No Limit virtually)

Google Plus states that they have no harm in not having limits virtually. Sadly, errors start to generate at 1, 00,000 characters. Posts around 100,000 gathered by Journalist Josh Constine.

When it comes to videos and photos unlimited number of videos can be uploaded that are 15 minutes long and 1080p lower resolution. This will count against your Google drive status.



The face book owned Whatsapp has a limit of 65,536 characters.

It will really sadden you if you cross the limit as your phone will not respond. It is a highly satisfying limit as being a encrypted messaging app.

When you cross the above mentioned number of characters it would notify you as below:

Only the first 65,536 characters will be sent. Do you want to continue?

Cancel                        Send



Skype has a limit of 160 characters that are supported with GSM. If you use GSM 03.38, single text messages that are limited to 160 characters can be sent.

  • The maximum length of a text message is 918 characters which also includes the spaces.
  • But when not supported by GSM, skype automatically changes the messages into Unicode and the maximum number of characters is 70.

SMS messages can also be sent to several numbers using skype.

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Tumblr: (500k characters)

OMG! 500,000 character limit.

The above includes HTML tags and Spaces.

When you cross limits, it would say “SORRY, YOUR PAGE IS TOO LONG”.

Tumblr talks about daily post limit.

  • You can upload 250 posts and 150 photos.
  • First five tags are visible and from the sixth it does not.
  • Daily limit for blog is 200 characters
  • Total limit for blog is 5000 characters
  • If you have 3000 posts on your archive, it would no longer show after a month long.
  • Daily post limit sets in at 12 A.M.
  • If you post a question in Tumblr, you can receive answer for the same for seven day. (What if you get a better answer on the eighth day? LOL)
  • Minimum of eight characters for a Tumblr password.
  • Maximum of 32 characters for Tumblr username.
  • Maximum 50 characters for your blog title.
  • Maximum on answer to question post is 140 characters.
  • Maximum of 475 characters to reply for a post.
  • Maximum of 500 characters to ask for a message.



A text box in snapchat limits up to 31 characters.

Do you know you can play a trick to gain more character? But you need an iPhone using a copy paste tool. Sorry for that!


To hack:

You should use the Notes tool on iOS.

  • Press the return button few times.
  • Four or five empty lines will appear.
  • Highlight those empty lines, press copy and get back to snap chat.
  • Paste empty lines to the text box.
  • Now you are the controller of your characters.



          The maximum length is 4096 characters.

It suffers from a loophole from can make the victim receive multi- million character text without accepting to download it. It zonks!



It is one of the most popular social media in America. It has unique audience which will force us to go for topics that are rare, unusual and intriguing.

  • The Maximum character limit is 200.


 Letter Count Tool Online


Blogpost: (7 minutes or 1600 words)

The word count stands as 1600. Guess its character count…..

Hubspot has beautifully said, “Your content should be as long as it needs to be”.Is that not starkly true. It is the bottom-line policy to make audience stick.

Viber: (7000 characters)

The very recent 5.6 version of Viber is with lot of innovations that is the inheritance of Japanese. It allows 7000 characters which will make you talk more.

Sino Weibo (140 characters or 2000 characters??)


This Chinese micro-blogging website, had 140 characters has limit. But now, it has made rather long to write 2000 characters. Was not this similar with Twitter’s move? Who was it?

 There is also news that Sino Weibo is working on to increase the character limit up to 10,000. That is surprising as well as shocking.


It came with an idea to serve as a platform to share and gain knowledge.

It has made its change twice 2015, making it less all time. The current situation is as under. It made its change in the month of July 2018.

  • The questions can be asked with a limit of 250 characters.
  • The question details have 300 characters as its maximum limit.

The reason behind this is genuine and simple. It needs reasonable questions that are clearer and the most understandable. If you exceed the character limit, you will get a clear indication telling how many words to be removed. For example, (-8).

  • There are contradictory comments for it reducing the character limit.

Some tells they want to comprehend and some needs to understand everything in a very rather simple way. Compromise! Only that can help.


Word Count Tool Online 


Have you ever heard of Kahoot? It is play app. You play fun quiz. People all over the world are loving it.

But it does not make it immune from Character limit. It has character limit that which is maximum is mentioned as under:

  • To ask questions in Kahoot, the maximum character limit is 95.
  • To answer for the question asked, the maximum character limit is 60.

 After all, these are just protocols…

  • Your content is your success which totally depends upon your audience. As every businesses’ bottom-line is to find your target audience.
  • People are unique. They are in need of different contents of different sizes and nature.
  • For some it is a pass-time and for many it is business. It may be the vice-versa also.
  •  Social medias are used by many,

As a Marketer Content Writer Author Blogger your words that are used to communicate must make the people resonate the purpose of your existence and writing.

The very intention of yours has to be to make understand your audience about what you exactly want to convey.

The comprehension is as important brevity for any particular text, images, videos or audios. All the social media giants are eagerly working to make their audience to use them satisfactorily.


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