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Are you one of those who just stuck with creating your posts, whether it is a blog post, a post for some social media platform or some other online content which you are writing? You stuck there because probably many of us don’t know about what is ideal or proper word count length for a post or online content. So, just because of you, we have researched and analyzed some important things for you to know about the correct or exact ideal content length of characters for any kind of online content that you want to publish it on the web. This complete guide and infographic will really help you out so that you just know exactly about how much character length is enough for any kind of content before publishing.

Are you curious to know how much character length your content should be? Many of us have a divergent opinion about the character count scattered around the web or internet. In our opinion, it can be difficult to determine how much word count is enough on various different platforms like Facebook, Blogs, Twitter, and many other social media. But, after researching and analyzing various things we have an answer for this question about much character length is enough for the various online platform?

Before moving forward let’s have a look at various reasons of why your content matters especially with an exact ideal word count? It is because in today’s life, the rise of social media is on a peak day-by-day and it is the best platform to engage with the huge number of people on each platform is just to ensure that your content which you shared on social media is user-friendly. As much as your content is user-friendly, the more you get likes and shares and then you’re content going for trending on a social media platform.

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Take a look at some figures for the number of  the user on a platform which is popular these days:

  • Approximately, there are currently more than 3 billion active users in the world on the various social media platform
  • Facebook platform alone earns more than 6 billion likes every day.
  • Twitter gets more than 600 million tweets every day with more than 280 million users.
  • Google+ also carries more than 380 million users.

After seeing all the stats above, we can say that the world of social media platform is really very big. Now, without any further more delay, let’s take a look at what is the ideal length of the content for all the platforms like Blog, social media, etc.


SlideShare is a slide hosting service which was the takeover by LinkedIn in the year 2012. It is mainly used by the professionals and allows users to upload files privately and publicly like pdf files, presentations, word documents, keynote, etc. The ideal length of SlideShare is 61 slides. The comprehensive content tends to be more successful on SlideShare than a shorter one.

The main purpose of SlideShare is to share slides among users and employees to make their business. After expansion, it hosts the enormous number of slideshows uploaded so that anyone can able to view.


In the recent days, podcast earns some popularity as a part of content marketing strategies whether the brand is large or small for promotion and publication. The average length of the podcast is 23 minutes or even less than that.


The ideal length of a YouTube video is 3-4 minutes. It is confirmed by the Google Analytics team from YouTube that the average duration of a video on YouTube is 3 minutes. Usually, a lesser duration of video tends to be more viral and popular among people on YouTube than a longer one. We also know that YouTube is an earning source as well so the Youtuber who upload the video of 3-4 minutes are able to earn more than those who make longer videos.


The ideal length of a presentation in terms of time is 10-18 minutes. After research, we found that many people can pay attention to some kind of presentation is just between 10 to 18 minutes. Even a creative presentation will also try to help you to get focused on presentation with exceeding the limit of 18 minutes sometimes.

Title Tags

The ideal length of a title tag is 56 characters. Title tags define your page or post on a search engine’s result page because it is bits of text and tells the audience about what is your post about. But after the latest update of Google, the maximum character length of a title page is about 60 characters in the Google’s result pages and if your character length exceeds the limit of 60 characters that it will get diminished.

Domain Names

The ideal character length of a domain name is about 9 characters or even less than that. There are some characteristics or key rule of good domain names:

  • Domain names should be short, easy to spell and easy to remember because later on, it will give you an advantage on search engines during crawling your domain name and pages of your content.
  • A domain does not contain numbers and hyphens or other symbols because it’s going decrease your traffic on your blog with some domain because domain with the number or hyphen makes the people confused and can’t come in a search result on search engines.
  • Always try to purchase a domain with .com extension because it helps you a lot for your brand or business in the word of an online platform. Although you can also buy .in but it will not give you that much advantage as a .com give.
  • A domain name always describes your brand or business and it should be descriptive as well.


Photos are the first and primary priority of Instagram and Instagram is not focusing yet on text-based content so there no space for word counts character counts currently. But still, you can follow some copy rules to get the fruitful result from the post on Instagram. The use of hashtags with some creativity will help you to promote your content with your network or the people of this platform rather than too many hashtags.

Always keep in mind that your hashtags are very relatable to your topic and when it comes to character limits, then always try to make your biography short and catchy. Always try to post a photo with some funny and catch captions of up to 75 characters or less so that your followers will able to engage more. The average limit of hashtags is about 15 hashtags per post or even less than that. If you are sharing your photos via Instagram on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. then it is perfect for you to use minimum hashtags because too many hashtags will make your post irritating.

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Many of us hear that Twitter is increasing its character limits from 140 to 100 characters so that people can able to share long stories on this platform as well. But this move of Twitter will give more interesting results if they limit the character limit to 100 and consuming 100 characters on tweet are very easy for the users of twitter but still the twitter limits its character limit to 140 because a tweet which is of 140 character length or shorter will engaged 17 percent more than the longer tweets. Tweets which are of a length between 70-100 characters are re-tweeted more frequently than long tweets of more than 100 characters.

Recently, Twitter updated his system or policy and said that social media marketers can focus on counting yours tweets and re-tweets on the twitter instead of punctuation marks because the limit of 140 characters limits is not mandatory for photos, GIFs, videos, and Quotes.


Everyone was thinking that the Twitter is the only one whose has short character count for a post but you all will be going to be stunned when you know that the ideal character count limit for a post on Facebook is actually shorter than a tweeter post length.


According to the research, the ideal length for a post on Facebook is about 40 character or less. It is seen that posts on Facebook of 40 characters are able to earn 85 percent more engagement than longer posts on the same platform. The alternate best or you can say the second best length of a post on Facebook is 80 character or even less than that because the post with 80 characters is 66 percent more engaged than longer posts of Facebook.

Blog Posts

The Blog is the best platform on the web where you can create informative, genuine, long content with an awesome guide and writing style that will help you to attract more audience towards your blog posts and make your posts trending on the search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. And with the help of blog posts, you can able earn some money as well.

Our research analyzes that the ideal length for reading a blog post on a blog is about 7-8 minutes in which you can approximately translate around 900-1000 words. The main rule for blogging is that longer the content of your blog will have more quality chance to get crawled by search engines faster which allow them to rank higher for your posts.

Web pages or posts of a blog that comes in the rank of top 10 in Search Engine Result Page (SERP) for any particular keywords will have at least 2000 words or even more than that. On an average, the posts of a Blog which are longer than 1500 count words will receive about 69 percent more comment and 25 percent more like on Facebook than shorter posts. In today’s trend, the longer keywords works which mean, search queries or keyword which are 8-words or longer have risen by 35,000 percent that targets the content better and will perform well in the search engines.

On the other hand, the width of the content also matters just like it length because it helps to maximize the reader’s cognition and also able to give the appearance of convolution and simplicity. The ideal character width size of a paragraph of a blog post is 41-55 characters per line. An ideal paragraph length is always benefiting you and also allow easy reading to the readers.


The ideal character length of e-mail subject line varies between 27-40 characters. There is no significant change in the engagement and clicks whether it is a short subject line or long subject lines in e-mails. Usually, e-mails with subject lines of more than 50 characters will open about 10.5 percent with only 1.9 percent click-through rate whereas character length of 27-40 characters will open about 12.3 percent with 5 percent click-through rate. So, there is no significant change whether you write the short subject line or the long one.

The key rule of e-mail marketing is to always keep your subject line up to 50 characters or less for highly targeted audiences.


The ideal length for a post or some text content on a platform like LinkedIn is 25 words because the post of the LinkedIn are created to be short, to the point and looks nice in structure. LinkedIn posts get a chance to get the highest number of clicks on the content or post heading just because its post length is nearly 25 words only.


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If we talk about posts on category wise distribution, then the ideal length of posts for Business to Business (B2B) industries is varying between 15-25 words and the ideal length of posts for Business to Consumer (B2C) industries is varying between 20-25 words.


Google+ is counted in those online platforms in which the user can use their content for readability and accessibility. Google+ is the one where you can able to read and access your content online to keep your content shareable to all the people around the web and easily readable as well.

In our research, maximum word count for heading in Google+ is 60 words or less. So, according to this figure, the ideal length of characters of Google+ body content is 200-430 characters. Readers always hit the main keywords in the headlines of the content that makes them curious to read out the whole content and just because of that we can say, headlines of content that are 5-6 words or less have the most powerful impact on the readers or viewer and you will get a chance to become your content crawled.


When we talk about platforms like Pinterest, the description of your pins will play an important role because the correct character length increases the chance of performance tremendously. Research says that 200 character length description gets the most re-pins than those who is less than 200 characters or more than that. Good thing is that pins with an image of height about 800-pixels or greater in size will get more re-pins remarkably than those with smaller images. Secondly, Pinterest pins that feature CTAs will able to earn more engagement of about more than 80 percent than those who don’t feature CTAs.

Some key rules for social media posts:

  • Adding CTAs to your social media posts or in the content of other platforms can create a tremendous shift in your rankings. Make some craft of compelling CTAs by telling your viewers exactly what you really want them to do and you will get a better chance of them actually doing it.
  • What the readers want from you is user-friendly and genuine content. It does not matter how long your content is, what is matter is “Quality and Well-Written” content.
  • Be brief and to the point in your content because the quality of content is matter instead of quantity. Too much stuffing in a concise word post will cost you only damage the quality of content and readers couldn’t get interested to read your post so it good for you to just be concise and to the point.
  • A word post with some image will benefit you a lot because of a post with images able to get 95 percent more views than the text-only posts. By just adding some images or other visuals can increase your content engagement enormously.
  • Reply to comments or speaking with your followers and posting some add-on content is needed to keep the conversation going which able to make your social media post valuable and you will get some benefits from it. It up to you at what level you want to engage your post to your followers.




I hope we clear you’re all doubts which you have in your mind regarding the word or character limits on social media and various other online platforms. After reading the above article and analyzing the figures, you will easily get an idea of about how much character or words or minute’s length is good and ideal for you to make your content more popular and easily get crawled on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

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